Our Mission

We help centrists succeed.


Our Experience

Stratagem's senior team have helped and advised many leaders, including:

President of Ghana
2017 to present
President of the USA
1993 to 2001
Prime Minister of Slovenia
2013 to 2014
President of Afghanistan
2001 to 2014
President of the DRC
2019 to present
President of Kenya
2013 to present
Vice President of Cambodia NRP
2017 to present
President of Nigeria
1983 to 1985, 2015 to present
Prime Minister of the UK
1997 to 2007
President of Liberia
2006 to 2018
Prime Minister of the UK
2007 to 2010
President of Sierra Leone
2018 to present
Prime Minister of the UK
2010 to 2016
Prime Minister of Belgium
1999 to 2008
President of Senegal
2012 to present
President of Tanzania
2015 to present
High Rep for Bosnia & Herzegovina
2002 to 2006
President of Uganda
1986 to present
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The above are just some of the senior people our top team have helped and advised.

Our Services


Our trusted advocacy service
ensures that you have the best chance of persuading the right decision makers.

Our proven election service helps you take winning decisions both quickly and accurately and ensures they are effectively acted on.

Our Election Results

Election campaigns are races and our senior team have helped run 10 in the last 6 years. On average, they helped clients achieve . . .

1.1 million  more votes
per election

Our Team

Charles Anglin
Matthew Taylor
Nakia White
George Ajjan
Simon Rix
Václav Pláteník
Médard Mulangala
Randa Fahmy
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Regional HQs

601 Pennsylvania Ave
37 Square de Meeûs
Zewdu Building
1 Fullerton Road
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Contact us

+44(0)845 1700 050

Political Campagn Insights

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